Wednesday, 17 April 2013

well to day has gone so well 13 boys gelded, why to give this by product of keeping dartmoor as we know and love it a chance at a future, they are so gorgeous. Dart vale Vets Victoria and Johnathan arrived and the team began the conveyor belt. Thank you to John Terry Barry Lyn Tizzy Philip who dropped a pony off and got the trailer unstuck, Susie who brought her pony Ted, Sophie and her two children who took a pony home Quibble to join Quality Street who they brought back to get her micro chip now she is tame, still one of my favourites. Granny did a delicous lunch for everyone including Castration cake, named by my son Thomas, as its the vets favourite, lemon cocoanut cake to those who dont know better.
Fixed the fence up again for moving ponies as Queenie Wills young Shire seems to prefer it on the ground, back to the drawing board on that job.
A couple of hours in the office then fetch Thomas and update Nigel one of our committee members who couldnt make the AGM.
Tizzy and i had a meeting to discuss a few more details for the musical ride and Tim has agreed to sought out the music yipppeeeeee.
Thomas back from wood work full of fun having had a great time, back in the office to write this and find photos for new website for friends and start to do banner boards, i would love to do one saying
"Why should a pony be condemned to death because it hasnt got the write paper work even though its brother has, where is the justice in that and how ill it help Dartmoor......stop ranting" goodnight

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  1. The "authorities" need to imply these limits on grazing animals on the moors to protect it from overgrazing!!! It's not their fault pony owners and breeders feel the need to continually produce foals they cannot sell on. It is a vicious cycle and the ponies are stuck in the middle of it. Stop breeding and stop encouraging breeding. The moors can be grazed by the ponies that are presently out there, they don't need a stallion and there doesn't need to be foals born every year, I studied group dynamics for 3 years on various parts of Dartmoor and the results prove this. If your worried about tourists not coming, they will.... Dartmoor is a beautiful place to visit; foals or no foals, people will continue to visit to explore the various habitats and ecosystems that make it so unique.