Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Morning

This is charlotte faulkner unable to remember her own password so using Jo"s page.Well the sun is shinning, i have hot tea and i have nearly finished setting up the training programme for Pony keepers seems to be the only way to get any goverment funding towards our battle to keep ponies on the moor. Newsletter also finished so anyone who wants to know what we are trying to do please email me and i will sent you a news letter. The radio programme on channekl four was good i felt although i would like people who commented to do more than just cry out in horror, actually take action to help us give these ponies a chance. Sadly as Natural England couldnt comment they could not say"The grazing numbers are limited by Natural England agreements and perhaps it is the environmental agreements that are playing a much bigger part than give credit to to driving the reduction in numbers?  I know we have to dispose of colts and unmarked etc - but nowhere have we mentioned the cause and effect of Natural England agreements?" Moving swiftly on the article in the mail on sunday, ok i suppose same applies we need everyone to help us and ask more questions of the authorities who impose all these things upon us.
ok i am going of to hug a few ponies muck out feed and train the three i am getting quiet at the moment. Stanley is ready to go home so will let them know later Piper is still being rather difficult as he knows he has teeth and the spotty pony is ready to no bad thing as i have four more arriving this morning who i have homes for so will get them microchipped and passported this week and then they can go to thier new homes, preferably before tuesday as i then have 15 coming in, they have been away on conservation grazing up country, but are not allowd to stay all year.