Tuesday, 16 April 2013

ok so the wonderful Will has shown me what to do so you can see what i write as i havent achieved that yet, here goes. Day didnt start well, Tim and i discussed finances i can see the only option is rob a bank or win the lottery. Set of to collect a pony for gelding and rehoming from Bickington got lost so late, lovely people help me manouver barriers to entice one small red head into trailer. We did it. Got home did office, well some of it any way, ginny middle daughter appeared and we got pony in that she is breaking cleared shed. Tim kindly got tractor to position our last three bales, where am i going to get more why hasnt the grass grown. Took a call from a charming person wishing to rehome her amazing pony all singing and dancing, this is happening about once every two days now although i felt this was very genuine. Started mending fence Hannah who features as my wonderful help appeared and finished job as i went to meet man in charge of National parks bid for pots of money, meant to be about community Phil and i tried to explain the ponies vital role and how they should be included as a priority for help to keep thier heritage alive. Brick wall i think. Barn ready for colt cutting tomorrow two more ponies arrived and left hay for the final one of our night visitors. Another one arriving in the morning, for gelding and rehoming. Went to doctor who says i have a disfunctional nerve in my ear, those who know me will say it is more widespread than that. Home to supper Darling Tim made delicous pasta. Will arrived to sort out my most recent computer glytches i now have a cloud not a halo sadly, Ginny's boyfriend arrived and we cracked a bottle of champagne i had been given for christmas as he had good news to report. as i go to bed five ponies in barn ready for action and more in the field ready for the vets attention tomorrow.    

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